Flamengo soccer club; Fire at the Brazilian Soccer Club left 10 dead and 3 hurt

A fire suddenly blazed through one of the biggest soccer clubs of Brazil. The ensnarling fire resulted in the death of 10 people while three teenagers were left badly injured. As per the fire fighters report, this heartbreaking incident took place in Rio de Janeiro.

Brazilian firefighters were called on the place of incident 5 am in the morning of the last Friday in order to blow out the blazing fire. The exact place of the incident was the Ninho de Urubu training ground of the Flamengo soccer club, which is located in the western part of the city.

Although the fire has been bought down, the cause of the fire still remains a mystery.

The ages of the deceased along with their full identities are yet to be released. However, the officials of the club have released the ages of the injured teenagers to be 14, 15 and 16 years old. The injured, which were in critical condition, were immediately taken to the local nearby hospital. Their conditions are still not made to public but rumors are that the worst has passed. All of this news was delivered to local media by the unknown member of the club who requested his name to remain anonymous.

According to the investigation of the local media and from other club workers, the fire broke out in the dorm where all the young soccer players normally sleep. The fire official said that they are still looking for the cause of this fire.

The local media channel; Globo TV, after the news broke out released the aerial images of the club. In the images, smoke can be seen rising from the charred area of the dorm.

Flamengo, just like all the other soccer clubs in Brazil; hosts a youth development program. The program is started in order to help the promising young talent in their early teen years. The club has allowed majority of students to stay at their facilities while training.

Messages to the Flamengo soccer club officials still remain unanswered.  

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