How PSL is better than IPL and all other cricket leagues

This is how PSL is better than IPL and all other cricket leagues

With the first look at the PSL (Pakistan Super League), it seems like any other generic and run of the mil sports league. PSL seems like an ordinary cricket league where the players have same jobs like other cricket leagues; bat, bowl and do fielding.

So, yes there seems nothing new, even the name is not that much of big roar as there have been three other PSL leagues of different countries as well. Out of them, the most prominent country to have the prominent PSL was South Africa with its Premier Soccer League.

There is also a conundrum here as the P in the PSL stands for Pakistan but most of the matches are played in UAE. The matches are also the least attended matches to be held overseas which allow our neighboring countries to take a crack at us with their funny jokes and makeshift memes.

After detailing all of these seemingly ugly sides of the PSL, we now present to you three main qualities of the PSL that no other league can boast to have and this also includes the IPL (Indian Premier League).  These features of the PSL are as follows.

PSL: A league not for the Batsmen:-

The entire purpose to create the T20 series was to provide batsmen with a chance to show themselves off as they make runs fast. Although there was logic in this T20 format creation, but this has led the T20 matches to become the cemeteries for the bowlers around the world.

IPL is the leading in this batsmen crusade of the T20 format where their batsmen see at the bowlers with disdain. Now this is the point, where PSL is holding down the fort.

They may be a fledgling at the moment, but still PSL is the platform where there is still some balance between both batsmen and bowers. While taking in account the IPL 2018’s example, the batting team there stole away 200 runs from the bowling teams for almost 15 times.

On the other hand, for PSL’s 66 innings, bowlers have gotten their chance to dismiss the batsmen of all the teams for nearly 10 times.

PSL: Not a League but a Nation’s Perseverance:-

The many food vloggers and the likes of people like Cynthia D Ritchies are doing their part of hard work to make Pakistan known to the world. However, Pakistan still remains unknown and misunderstood in this massive global village of a planet, we call Earth.

To the people abroad, Pakistan is a country that only has bombs, terrorists, acres of barren lands, mountain ranges and deserts; a completely uncivilized nation.

It is an even need to say that this is a false assumption and whoever thinks this is a narrow-minded individual. Pakistan is not like the war-torn countries; Iraq and Syria. Pakistan has been affected by the 9/11 incident massively as it had undergone in a passive war which left 50000 people to forgo their lives.

Even after all this, Pakistan is here and is even hosting a league which features the international players. While these players might be considered the second rate, but to be coming and playing in a county which suffers such huge false assumptions; it takes a lot of perseverance. Has any other main stream sports league faced such external elements and then host a prestigious sporting event in the world ever?

Not another run-of-the mil sports league:-

Now for our last point, all the sports league, be it IPL, CPL, EPL or any other PL which is currently successful, at the end of the day, they are just Sports Leagues. As for Pakistan, PSL is not only a sports league; it holds much more importance than that.

This claim can be justified with this simple notion that whenever there is a challenge coming to the directions and the leaderships of the league; all the help and directions come from the upper echelon of the country; the PM house of the nation. To handle out the security measures of the league, the army comes to play its part. All of these and much more, make the PSL; an insignificant looking sports league to be important to its country. No other country can boast of such high importance.

For the day of the final match which is always hosted in one of the country’s major cities, a local holiday like scene is created, which is done by the accord of the league’s countrymen.

To conclude it all off, the criticism of PSL to be a flawed and miniature competition are baseless, as its roots run down deep into the country. This importance can be seen clearly in the PSL’s slogan “match PSL ka, jeet Pakistan ki”.

 The fact that PSL still remains even with a myriad of problems Pakistan is currently facing is a massive achievement in its own self.

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